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Foo Foo Deluxe - Watch Out, Laszlo Panaflex!!! [2019]

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Foo Foo Deluxe - Watch Out, Laszlo Panaflex!!!

Исполнитель: Foo Foo Deluxe
Стиль: Experimental, Electronic
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320
Вес: 1,31 Gb

01. Edge Of The Radical Left Wing Ideologues (original mix)
02. The Survival Of The Messiah Dolphin (original mix)
03. I Have Become Like The Beasts Of The Field (original mix)
04. She Loves The Filthy Aggressive Banter (original mix)
05. Smelling The Sound Of Quantum Biology (original mix)
06. One Of The Most Psychologically Brutal Things That Can Happen To A Human (original mix)
07. Narcissistic Universe Creates Man So It Can Look At Itself (original mix)
08. She's Built Like A Steakhouse, But She Handles Like A Bistro (original mix)
09. How To Teach People To Be Wise (original mix)
10. Jesus Sausage (original mix)
11. Perfect, I'll Buy This One! (original mix)
12. Embody Your White Logos (original mix)
13. He Sleeps With The Fishes (original mix)
14. And Then You Build The Billionth One (original mix)
15. The Ocean Of Complexity Is You (original mix)
16. We Are Special Because We Are The Same (original mix)
17. Panopticonic Total Internet Of Things (original mix)
18. Salad Is A Promissory Note (original mix)
19. There's No Nobler Vision Than That (original mix)
20. Tie Me Pedo Mate Down, Cunt (original mix)
21. Fuck You, How Fucking Dare You Call Me A White Supremacist (original mix)
22. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck (original mix)
23. Watching Those Dominance Hierarchies (original mix)
24. One Of The Most Beautiful Things You've Ever Seen (original mix)
25. They'll Die Without It (original mix)
26. You Wouldn't Get This From Any Other Guy (Anabolic Audacity mix)
27. Fully Consecrated & Completely Potent (original mix)
28. Who Runs Into This? (original mix)
29. With So Many Light Years To Go (original mix)
30. Better Than My Intentions (original mix)

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